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Availability of PDP4280XD

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Availability of PDP4280XD
« on: 30 December 2008, 03:39:27 PM »

I am looking to replace my Sony 32" CRT and have been impressed with the reviews of the PDP4280XD but as it is a discontinued line I am struggling to locate one!

The only one I have managed to track down so far is from Richer Sounds and this is described as open box. Not sure whether this means it is an ex display model and it looks like a trip to the store (about 40 miles for me) is the only way to find out as they seem too busy to answer the phone!

I have the following questions

1. As the PDP4280XD review is now fairly old how does it stand up today against the newer Full HD models. I have been particularly interested in the Sony KDL40Z4500 and KDL40W4500 so far.
2. Is the set good enough to warrant buying an ex display model if that is all I can find or is this a complete no no!
3. Are there other options I may have missed.

Sport and movie watching will be two of my priorities and I also watch a high proportion of SD content via Sky+. Main viewing positions are around 11ft away but sofa is only 6ft away.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!