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Pioneer 4270 or just get something new?

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Pioneer 4270 or just get something new?
« on: 19 January 2009, 10:38:32 AM »

I hate to say it, BUT funds are limited and I can't really justify spending 1,000 or more on the very latest and greatest - especially when there's nothing really wrong with my 28" Sony CRT other than it being a little on the small side, so with a budget of around 500-700 I'm wondering what the best way to spend that money is going to be.

I've noticed that a couple of retailers still have stock of the Pioneer PDP-4270XD (new, not used or ex-dem), now going for around 500.  There's no doubt that this was a great screen a couple of years ago, but technology moves on and the latest generation of screens have brought some noticable improvements in connectivity, resolution and most notably - Black Level.

So, my question is - Am I going to get more for my money by picking up a bargain on the old Pioneer or going for a new set like a Panasonic or Samsung. Looking for a screen size 37"-42".

Any thoughts?