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RULES: Read before buying or selling!

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RULES: Read before buying or selling!
« on: 19 December 2012, 12:42:33 AM »

By popular demand, we've added a Buy/Sell section to the HDTVtest forum.


The rules are fairly obvious:

  • Don't attempt to sell any counterfeit/bootleg DVDs/BDs/software.
  • Don't attempt to sell stolen items.
  • Only post in these threads if you're interested in the transaction or can answer a question about the item - no random chat please!
  • You must accurately describe any items you sell. For example, what is the condition like? State any defects. For software, it's helpful to say where it's from, and if there are any region locks on the disc.
  • If you use the forum to sell, you need to maintain an active presence, so you can deal with any problems that could arise.

  • As a buyer, use common sense and discretion. "If it seems too good to be true"...
  • Although not required, we strongly recommend including images of high-value items or items that aren't in as-new condition. The same goes for buyers, ask to see pictures so you know what you're getting.

Although this is a friendly community, HDTVtest cannot be held accountable for any bad experiences that arise from using the buy/sell forums. Use the Buyer/Seller Feedback listings for reassurance that you're buying from a trustworthy seller. In the event of buying from users who don't have an established track record, it couldn't hurt to arrange payment via PayPal so that you're covered by their buyer protection.

That's it. Enjoy!
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