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Toshiba 46ZF355D vs 40ZF355D blacks and contrast ratio

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Toshiba 46ZF355D vs 40ZF355D blacks and contrast ratio
« on: 21 June 2008, 06:36:07 PM »


I'm currently dithering over the Toshiba 46ZF355D and read with interest your excellent review of the 40ZF355D.

Unfortunately the 40" is rather too small for me (why are manufacturers now jumping from 40" to 46"?) whereas the 46ZF seems perfect due to the large screen size and small frame. However, I see the models are specced differently with the 46" model listing a 20000:1 contrast ratio as opposed to the 30000:1 in the 40" model.

Has anyone any experience with the 46". Does a 20000:1 contrast ratio mean blacks are lacking or am I being too fussy at these kinds of numbers? It seems rather low compared to the (excellent) Sony W4000 and Series 6 Samsungs, the latter of which seems to have particularly inky blacks.

I've tried to track down a 46ZF but they seem very thin on the ground.