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Projectors for Watching Sports (films second, sports first)

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Hi forum members,

My mission is find the current top-three projectors for watching sports, demo or watch them at a retailer/dealer, and then buy one to enjoy for the next few years.

Although I never thought this would be an easy job, I never thought it would be this hard/scary.  My problem has ben trying to pick through all the readily found film related threads/reviews that seem to be everywhere and find sports specific threads that are current and relevant to what I am looking for.

I have done my homework by reading lots of web based info, magazines, even calling Sony and JVC direct, but the more I have researched, the more frustrated I have become and the more I realize how little I know.  So I thought I would be brave enough to post/ask for help within the forum.  So here it goes…  :help:

The main duty the projector will be used for is watching sports; live internet streamed HD American football (NFL) specifically.  I also watch a lot of tennis and Premiership Football on Sky HD, so it must excel at motion resolution in 2D.  I am not really bothered about 3D, although that would be fun to experience at home.  I also plan to watch lots of movies on the projector, but must stress the bias towards performance for watching sports.  I assume all projector suggestions would be HD models and my budget of £2,000 approximately will firmly put 4K out of the question.  My budget could stretch to £3,000 if there was good justification for doing so.

Here’s my set-up:  The screen it will be shown on will be 100”.  Ambient light can be controlled, although I would prefer not to have to watch it in the dark.  The maximum distance from the screen to the opposing wall opposite is 4.3m and the projector can be placed directly in line with the screen’s centerline.  The NFL content I will be watching on the projector will be filmed/formatted in HD in the US and streamed live via an Ethernet cable from my Virgin Media 60MB service through my Sony Vaio laptop (Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit, Intel Corei7 CPU Q740@1.73GHz, 6GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT330M with 1GB dedicated VRAM), out via an HDMI lead into the projector.   I watched the 2011 and 2012 seasons on my old 42” plasma (Samsung PS42S5HXIXEU, 290 watt, bought June 2005), but this year I want to treat myself to watching it on a proper big screen.   

I am not a big fan of the motion compensated frame interpolation I have seen on some LCD TV’s, so my gut feeling from reading the forums is to lean towards a single chip DLP, but maybe motion interpolation processing from the major players has become good enough to overcome these fears and thus consider LCD based technology for sports?  I just want to watch the football whip across the screen and have it look detailed, smooth but natural…and big!

Lastly, I am travelling to the USA in a month.  While I am out there, I am seriously considering buying a projector and stuffing it in my case (carefully) to save some money, assuming they all handle AC 110-240V, 50/60Hz?  Do some forum members follow new projectors appearing on the American market?

All advice is warmly welcomed! 

And the top 3 circa £2,000 projectors UK/USA for watching sports, as suggested by forum members are….drumroll…


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Re: Projectors for Watching Sports (films second, sports first)
« Reply #1 on: 29 June 2013, 07:31:19 PM »
If its motion resolution then i suggest a DLP projector but then you have to get a demo and make sure you are immune to rainbows because at your price it will be a 1 chip DLP.

DLP's tend to be much less flexible for room placement because of limited shift and zoom, i'm sure you know all this though and have researched it very well, i think finding a shop that can offer some demo's of different DLP models is your best bet, perhaps a shop that will also demo some LCD models too.
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Re: Projectors for Watching Sports (films second, sports first)
« Reply #2 on: 13 January 2014, 02:45:48 PM »
Check on the link for top projector brands that may fit your style

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