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Xbox one or ps4?

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Re: Xbox one or ps4?
« Reply #30 on: 12 March 2014, 10:10:37 PM »

I loved that controller as well.

Actually, the right thumbstick was too loose I remember, and then there was the "Z-button" which was too clicky. Reviewer & US Correspondent
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Re: Xbox one or ps4?
« Reply #31 on: 13 March 2014, 09:43:30 AM »
Btw, I think the Nintendo Gamecube's controller is even better that the X360 even if it has a slightly cheaper feel. That thing is like made to be one with the hands of the gamer :lol: Unless you have very big hands... :P

I fully agree about the Gamecube controller. That's my favorite controller of all time. I wish Nintendo would have stuck with this basic design and improved it instead of always trying to reinvent the wheel.
Yes, I thought the Wii Remote + Nunchuck was brilliant for games like Zelda and Resident Evil 4, where it was well implementedand also warranted. That gave a better experience than any normal controller. However, when it comes to a lot of other games, it just wasn't well enough implemented. And even though the Wii Remote and the Nunchuck are about as comfortable as the NGC controller, the button layout is too limited, meaning that a lot of games need to utilise the motion stuff to get full gameplay "functionality". And that can be a real problem when you need precision and speed throughout most of the gameplay! Playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl is best done with the NGC controlled hooked up. I'm glad they've added a "Pro Gamepad" for the Wii U, though...
I loved that controller as well.

Actually, the right thumbstick was too loose I remember, and then there was the "Z-button" which was too clicky.
Yes, the C-stick... It should have a name beginning with C, alright... It was ok for many games, I thought, as long as they weren't shooters. Those took som getting used to at first :lol: Still, the rest of the button layout was sooooo great that it made up for it :lol:

And the Z-button... I LOVED its clickyness on my main controller, but on my second controller it felt weird. Whenever my friends came over with their controllers they'd also have different feels to their Z-buttons, and everyone had their preffered clickyness LOL :lol: The same goes for the R- and L-buttons. As great as they were, you could get unlucky :P I was unlucky with the one that came with my console. L-, R- and Z-buttons were all a bit weird.

Also the right analogue stick could differ slightly... You really notice these things when you sit and play Super Smash Bros. Melee for a zillion hours and you get someone else's controller, I can tell'ya!!! :lol: I suppose it could give you a more personal attachment to your controller.

And with all these niggles to it, it's still the best controller ever. That says a lot about how nice it was...
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