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Xl2e banding

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Xl2e banding
« on: 11 November 2008, 05:36:41 PM »

Hello guys

excuse me for my bad english.....
i have a Shrp 46xl2e and.....obviously problems of banding, specifically Vertical banding i suppose.

When i move the camera , particularly on dark grey immages or sky, i can notice several vertical " lines "...theese lines are uncolored, similar to grey is like you are watching to something wearing some dirty sun static immages it is difficult to find them but when i pann the camera...oh my god!!!! What an irritating problem.

Sharp will not replace my tv because they says that there is a little tolerance from warranty....bha...

Now i'm considering to buy a new hdtv....i'm thinking about the new sony z4500 ( 80% ps3 10 % bd movie 10% 360 games )....but i have read a lot of stuff about lcd panels and banding problems...It seems that every lcd tv has banding...especially Sharp panel based lcd.

I ask if someone knows something about Z4500 panel ....or...i pray you...does exist an lcd panel on wich i can admire the fantastic sky of FAR CRY 2 or Assassin Creed without seeing those orrible stripes????

- My brother has an xd1e......also he has three vertical bands, one visible always.....
- A friend of mine has a V200 sony...and....banding during sessione of cod4 games