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Mitsubishi HC9000/HC5 color gamut REC 709 or DCI P3 calibration advice ?

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The mitsubishi HC9000 was announced in september 2011, but due some problems it was discontinued, and a version called HC5 come a year later with a bargain price of 2500€,  since its the same projector has the HC9000.

I have the HC5 model for about one year, when i start to get more knowledge and understanding of calibrating displays in consumer level,  i notice that the color gamut of this projector is huge.

here my calibration User1

And heres second calibration in User3ópia.pdf

The Saturation levels are already in -5 and is not possible to reduce the green and red to the correct rec709 values.

Found this pictures on the web.

HC9000 vs REC 709

HC9000 vs DCI P3

A) should i live with this calibrated numbers
B) should i try to calibrate to DCI P3 color space

In case B is option this are the DCI values right ?

DCI-P3 (SMPTE-231-2)

White point 
x 0.333
y 0.334
 x 0.680 
y 0.320

x 0.265 
y 0.690

 x 0.150 
y 0.060

Any advice ?

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Ok i have my answer :  B) is not a option, due the D65 white point DCI P3 and REC709 are not the same.

Forcing a Blu-Ray to DCI-P3 primaries must introduce a serious color cast because that's not how Blu-Rays are encoded. And setting your display "is calibrated to DCI-P3" must also introduce a serious color cast - unless that's really how your display is calibrated. However, if you have a real DCI-P3 video, switching the primaries to DCI-P3 should produce proper colors, I would think.

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Welcome to the forum.

Under such circumstances, I would just prioritise getting the following correct, and in this order:

1) Greyscale

2) Colour luminance

3) Tint

Saturation cannot be helped, so once you get the others correct hopefully the errors won't be that visible.

It's advisable to calibrate to Rec.709 colour space, because that's what consumer home content is using.

Warmest regards