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LG LB6500

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LG LB6500
« on: 21 October 2014, 12:29:57 AM »

I'm thinking of getting the LG 50" LB6500

I can't find any reviews on this model and it fits my budget perfectly

The specs say every tv in this line up (47', 55') are IPS panels except the 50" ???
Does anybody know why this is and what will the big difference be??

I am mostly interested in a second 3d tv and this one fits my budget.
For the 3d does it matter if the panel is IPS or not??

I don't know much about passive 3d, does the panel matter for good 3d?

If I buy this it will be a bedroom tv mounted on the wall.

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Re: LG LB6500
« Reply #1 on: 21 October 2014, 01:10:57 PM »

Welcome to the forum.

I'm not aware that LG uses anything other than their own IPS panel on their LED LCD lineup, although I must admit that I haven't been paying attention to LG's TVs other than the OLEDs.  :lol:

Passive 3D = flicker-less, bright 3D images with cheap, easy-to-use glasses, but halved vertical resolution so you may see some jagged edges and horizontal scan lines.

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