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Which one of these should I buy?

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Which one of these should I buy?
« on: 30 November 2014, 11:07:54 AM »

Hi guys,

I'm about to buy a new LED TV for my parents (almost 60 years old).

These are my requirements:

Screen dimensions: not less than 40", could be a little bigger (I consider 40" ideal)
Purpose: Watching movies in 'normal' & HD quality (frequently), Watching sport (rarely), No gaming
Some USB & HDMI ports, ideally Wi-fi
3D: Not necessarily, but nice to have

I'm considering these models at the moment:

1. Sony Bravia KDL-40W605
2. Samsung UE40H6400
3. LG 42LB670V

Why one of these would you go for?

Thanks a lot.


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Re: Which one of these should I buy?
« Reply #1 on: 30 November 2014, 12:33:17 PM »
Hi, Peter.

Going by the reviews:
Sony 40" W605:
- More accurate colours out of the box, and less adjustments needed (and available) to improve things.
- Has BFI mode for improved motion clarity, but it will probably make things too dim.
- Cheaper?

Samsung 40" H6400:
- Less accurate picture out of the box, but has advanced controls for calibration (which will make it more accurate than the Sony could be, I think...)
- Has BFI mode for improved motion clarity, and is probably bright enough to be used, but the review sample had a quirk where it would now and then switch "motion mode" to a different (undesirable) mode... This may (have already been) be cured with a software update.
- Can exhibit a glitch in motion right after scene changes in movies etc. but this should be rare.
- BETTER NATIVE BLACK LEVEL than that Sony, and a very good one by LCD standards - this WILL add noticeable depth and life to the picture.

Personally, I have a feeling that Sony are more concerned about stability and quality in their products when compared to Samsung, but I'd still pick the Samsung for it's deeper black levels. Contrast performance, and therefore (practically) black level, is the most important factor for perceived picture quality. The fact that it has the option for improved motion clarity with a usable BFI mode is also another important strong point for me, and one that might also indicate that the Samsung is capable of more light output in any mode than the Sony - which could come in handy if the Sun is shining.

Have you considered the Sony W7? I thiiink, I'd still pick the Samsung H6400, though, but it might be worth reading the review(s) here and considering it. I'm not professional expert, though. Hope someone else will chime in, too ;)

Btw, you should always demo if you can. And when doing so, bare in mind that the lighting in shops are usually a million times brighter than the lighting in a house :)
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