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Samsung UEH6200 vs UEH6400

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Samsung UEH6200 vs UEH6400
« on: 03 January 2015, 03:38:10 AM »

I was all set on the H6400 due to the plethora of praising reviews & the fact that it seems a great all rounder.

However, had my head turned by this set in the sales:

It is the H6200 which is the little brother of the H6400 I think. I read somewhere that the difference between them is the screen panel is made somewhere else and the refresh/frame rate is lower.

The panel apparently benefits from being made externally apparently as contrast was better so I thought why not go for it. I went to Richer Sounds to ask about the TV and I was told the lower refresh rate on the H6200 makes a big difference in terms of judder and the effect is amplified on a 55 inch screen.

I guess it makes sense but I hadn't read of this in the reviews so was hoping to get some more opinions on this please. Let me know your thoughts!

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Re: Samsung UEH6200 vs UEH6400
« Reply #1 on: 28 January 2015, 09:10:07 PM »
Buy a 2015 1080p model. Forget 2014.