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Suggestion between Samsung 40H5500 - 40H6400 - 40H7000

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Suggestion between Samsung 40H5500 - 40H6400 - 40H7000
« on: 15 April 2015, 09:09:28 PM »

Hi All,

I have bought 2 moths ago a Samsung 40H5303 for my brother an I have been surprised by the quality of the TV, considering that I found it in promo at 280 Euro. I have always been favorable to Plasma instead LCDs and for this reason last year I bought a Panasonic 50GT60 that unfortunately arrived with a scratch on the screen and I already given back. Sawing The Dark Knight I was really shocked about the quality of the Panasonic.

Anyway the thing that most impressed me about the Samsung is the quality in SD, that by the other hand was very poor - from my point of view - on the Panasonic. So at the end this cheap Samsung is very good on SD (divx are very well scaled), it is ok in HD and feats very well with a console because of a small input lag.

Now I should buy a new TV and I am in doubt between those tree:

I read all the review here on HDTVTEST, really thanks :-)
I think that 40H5500 should more or less equal to H5303 and H5000 about picture quality.

All the tree TV have a very good black level and a very good input lag (better on H5000), the H6400 and H7000 have a big advantage in term of motion resolution.

Considering that I am looking for a TV that should represent a good compromise (HD, SD, gaming), I would prefer to loose something in HD to gain it in SD, in simple terms the SD performance of the 40H5303 are perfect and I do not want to buy a TV that is much more better in HD but that at the end is worst in SD.

1. Basing on what I wrote above what you would suggest me? The H6400 and H7000 maintain the SD performance of the H5303?

2. If I would choose a 46/48" do you think I will have a decrease on SD performance?

3. Last consideration is that I do not like at all the Soap opera effect. On the H5303 is not present but reading the H7000 review it seems that:

Engaging [Motion Plus] boosted motion resolution from the normal LCD baseline of 300 lines (as determined via the horizontally scrolling lines pattern in Chapter 31 of the FPD Benchmark Software disc) to 1080, even on its mildest setting of “Clear“. We particularly liked enabling [LED Clear Motion] in the [Motion Plus] “Custom” submenu, which activates black frame insertion (BFI) without introducing interpolation artefacts or soap opera effect (SOE) to 24fps movies. However, as is the case with several 2014 Samsung televisions we’ve tested/ calibrated, the BFI would sometimes stealthily switch to [Motion Plus] “Smooth” which caused films to look like cheaply-shot video, making it a no-go for users who do not wish (or have the knowledge/ experience) to tinker with the settings as necessary.

So the fact that the TV automatically switch from Motion plus "Clear" to "Smooth" happens only if the LED Clear Motion option is enabled?