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40" reviews

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40" reviews
« on: 14 September 2015, 12:27:29 PM »

it seems it is impossible to get reviews of 40" screen size boxes these days.  This with the sudden reduction in spec on 40" models compared to the larger screens (looking at you Panny Cx802) and the fact that the highest spec TVs tend to be curved **shudder** means there are no useful reference sites for TVs any more.

I really need a new TV as mine is dying.   All i want is
- Best TV i can get at the sub 50" size, ideally 40 (i miss 42" tvs)
- Ideally 4K but not massively fussed right now

I've got a good budget of somewhere between 1-1.5K just not lots of space!

shopping list is
- cx802b
- ju7000
- or a non-4k model to be found!

Any more ideas or thoughts for these tellies? Please help!