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75 or 85 inch TV

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75 or 85 inch TV
« on: 25 June 2016, 05:19:47 PM »


Really hoping someone can help, as I'm a little out of date on current TV technology, but someone here was super helpful three or so years ago guiding me to a Panasonic plasma when I bought my last TV and boy is it great!

This is for a friend I've been helping setup a home cinema, I've sorted all the sound equipment (which I'm very familiar with), but her room is massive and I've never had to source a screen this big before, and am not up with the latest on whether 4K is now a necessity or not yet mainstream enough to warrant the extra outlay? I haven't got time to read too many reviews as it has to be in place by next week for an event.

What she needs the system to do is play Blu-rays, DVDs and Sky TV in the highest possible quality. It won't be used for gaming, but will be used as a monitor for iTunes (will check whether current Mac mini can run a 4K screen??) to select tracks on the sound system, etc. Audio quality is irrelevant as that will all be going through pretty high end external gear.

Ideally looking for superb picture quality in 1080p over mediocre on 4K, unless upscaling is great and she can have her cake and eat it! The only other key thing is it can't be curved, she just hates the look!

Thanks so much in advance.