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Update of a Pinoneer Kuro

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Update of a Pinoneer Kuro
« on: 01 February 2017, 01:03:23 PM »


It is a while since reading through the pages of this site, but always enjoyed reading reviews and was actively involved in calibration as well at one point. However, I have been out of this game for several years so i am unfamiliar with the latest/recent models.

I currently have two Pioneer Kuro plasmas, a 9th Gen Kuro (LD-5090) and a and 428XD. Both are still going strong and are fantastic. Although I have had them for many years, I didn't buy them new, in fact the LX was purchased for a relative song even though it was still being sold and was head and shoulders above other models at the time. The LX is my main screen, but I am moving the 428XD to another room. I want to replace this with something that is going to give me what I have come to expect in terms of picture quality. I believe this means I should be looking at OLED as I don't think LCD will really given me what I'm after, although the cost of the high end OLED units are quite high.

I'm not looking for anything massive, so a 55" screen would be fine. How to the low end OLED screens rank against higher end LCD screens - say in the 1500-2000 range? If anyone has any suggestions, I would like to hear them, although the LG 2017 looks quite interesting.

I watch a lot of movies, but also sport and general TV. Gaming in not a priority. It would appear as though the TV Selector tool on the main site is a little dated now.


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Re: Update of a Pinoneer Kuro
« Reply #1 on: 08 June 2017, 07:56:52 PM »
TV Models 2017

There may be corrections to the following:

True Ultra HD (RGBW subpixel panel structure) OLED - 100 / 120Hz with MCFI .
Samsung: No
LG: W7, G7, E7, C7, B7
Panasonic: EZ1000E, EZW1004, EZC1004, EZ950E, EZW954, EZC954, EZ952
Philips: 65POS9602, 55POS9002
Sony: A1

True Ultra HD (RGB subpixel structure panel) LCD - 100 / 120Hz with MCFI .
Samsung: Q9F, Q8C, Q7C, Q7F, MU9002, MU9000, MU8002(55" and bigger), MU8000(55" and bigger), MU7070(55" and bigger), MU7002(55" and bigger).
LG: SJ957, SJ955, SJ950, SJ850
Panasonic: DX900, EX780, EXX789, EXW787, EXW784
Philips: 8602, 8102, 7502, 7272, 7032, 7002
Sony: ZD9, XE9305, XE9005, XE8599, XE8596, XE8588, XE8577, XE8505

Pseudo Ultra HD (RGB -W subpixel panel structure, M + panel) LCD - 100 / 120Hz with MCFI .
LG: SJ800, SJ810

True Ultra HD (RGB subpixel panel structure) LCD - 50 / 60Hz.
Samsung: 49MU8002, 49MU7002, MU6650, MU6642, MU6502, MU6500, MU6402, MU6400, MU6300, MU6202, MU6200, MU6170, MU6102, MU6100
LG: -
Panasonic: EX730, EXW734, EX732, EX703, EX700, EX633, EX620, EX613, EX610, EXW604, EX603, EX600
Philips: 6482, 6452, 6432, 6412, 6402, 6262, 6162
Sony: XE8099, XE8096, XE8088, XE8077, XE8005, XE8004, XE7096, XE7077, XE7073, XE7005, XE7004, XE7003, XE7002, XE7000

Pseudo Ultra HD (RGB-W subpixel panel structure, M + panel) LCD - 50 / 60Hz.
LG: UJ750, UJ701, UJ675, UJ670, UJ651, UJ650, UJ635, UJ634, UJ630, UJ620

-------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

FullHD OLED - 100 / 120Hz panel with MCFI.
LG: 55EG9A7V

FullHD LCD - 100 / 120Hz panel with MCFI.

FullHD - 50 / 60Hz panel
Samsung: M6370, M6302, M6300, M5670, M5600, M5510, M5502, M5500, M5000,
LG: LJ625, LJ624, LJ615, LJ614, LJ610, LJ594, LJ54, LJ515, LJ510, LJ500
Panasonic: ES600, ES500, ES403,ES400(40", 49")
Philips: 5362, 5302, 5102, 4202, 4132, 4112, 32"24"4022,
Sony: WE 75, WE66, RE45

HD Ready - 50 / 60Hz panel:
Samsung: No
LG: 32LJ590, 32LJ510
Panasonic: 32ES403, 32ES400, 24ES513,
Philips: 32"5302, 24"4232, 32"4132, 24"4032, 24"4022, 4012,
Sony: 32WE610, 32RE

TV models 2017 with Quantum Dots

QDCF (Quantum Dot Color Filter)
Samsung: Q9F, Q8C, Q7C, Q7F
LG: No
Panasonic: No
Philips: No
Sony: No

QDEF (Quantun Dots Emiting Film)
Samsung: MU9002, MU9000, MU8002, MU8000, MU7070, MU7002.
LG: SJ950, SJ850 (!! SJ955 & SJ957 do not have quantum dots!!)
Panasonic: No
Philips: 55-65"PUS8602
Sony: -