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Which medium range 60-65 inch TV to buy (NOT SAMSUNG)

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Which medium range 60-65 inch TV to buy (NOT SAMSUNG)
« on: 06 October 2017, 05:22:26 AM »

Hi guys,

Yesterday my 60 inch Samsung F8000 TV gave up on me.  The left side LED backlight started flashing.  The Repair guy says it cannot be fixed at reasonable cost.  The TV is only 3.5 years old and it was obviously expensive.  After reading some forums I noticed that this seems to be a common issue on Samsung TVs, not only on the F series but more recent models as well.  So even though I shouldn’t have to be looking for a new TV yet I am now forced to and I do not want another Samsung TV, even if they deliver the best performance out of the box compared to similarly priced TVs from other brands.

So my question is:  which medium to upper class 60-65 inch non-Samsung TV would you currently recommend.  My budget is around 2500 GBP.  It is used for watching movies only, 75% of the time in a darkened room, but during the day it is sometimes used in a bright environment as well.

Thanks for your help,